What To Do When It Appears Your Dream Has been Shattered.

I took some time today to sit by the ocean – as I rested up against a beautiful


old Morton Bay Fig, I reconnected and felt the energy of the earth against my body.

I watched the people passing by and wondered what was happening in their lives today – were they happy?, were they struggling or were they celebrating something? I wondered if their dreams had been fore filled or had they experienced set back or disappointment – no one really knows what is going on for another, that is why I believe an attitude of compassion for all is essential in life.

I pondered these questions as I thought about one of my loved ones and how they were managing today after a visit yesterday to the specialist confirmed that an injury required further repair and another long stint of rehabilitation – news that could feel as if a dream has been shattered – how does one manage with such challenging news?

I reflected on how I have managed through out my life when my own journey has appeared as if a dream had been shattered. Of course, initially it is devastating and we must give ourselves the space to be with the devastated feelings. However, what I have come to ask myself is “ what is behind the dream – what is the deep desire behind this dream and could I possible achieve the dream in another form – is there another way? For me asking these deeper questions has allowed me to view what appeared to be the end as merely a breaking open to reveal a deeper truth a more spiritually aligned view of my dream.

Have you ever experienced a shattering of a dream that then revealed a deeper more aligned dream to come about? How do you manage these times when what you had been working towards takes you in a slower or different direction?

“When it seems that someone has shattered your dreams pick up even the smallest of pieces and use them to build bigger and better dreams” Unknown


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