The Adventure Continues and I’ve Connected with Some New Friends.

In my last post I shared that I had set off on a new adventure

with my 20 year old son, to sit by the Lake at Jindabyne,                  imagesCA7SNLO8

retreat, write and gain some insight and clarity.

10 days in and an unexpected turn of events  sent us

( my son and I) back to the southern highlands, and to separate houses, Jesse to his fathers and me to a friends place. On reflection, things just weren’t flowing in Jindabyne, the 12 month rental property that we had organised, fell through and I was having a difficult time securing a long term property. However in the short time we were there I did connect with some new friends. I devoured one of Doreen Virtues book “ Healing With The Fairies” this book spoke directly to me. I have been a long-time nature lover, it is the place I used to escape to as a child and it has always been the place that restores my energy, Doreen’s book showed me why. So I began connecting with the fairies and elementals. The first message I received was I was listening to divine guidance with the wrong side of my body – I had been focusing on the right side of my body and ear to receive divine messages previously and the fairies guided me to use my left side, that makes sense – the feminine side. Since then I have been in daily contact, surrendering and going with the guidance I am receiving. It seems the body of water I am being called to is not a lake but the ocean.!!!!

In Doreen’s book the message shared about light workers purpose is to heal the fear and anxiety that covers our world really resonates with me and that if more people believed in fairies they too would live more comfortably, trusting and following their hearts. This post is my commitment to do my part.

I welcome any comments or questions and If I can assist you in anyway I welcome your contact.


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