Feel The Fear and Find The Gift.

PerisherValley - snowgums

Recently I packed up my house, put all the contents into storage and set of on an adventure.

The Destination for now is Jindabyne, a small down at the base of the snow fields in New South Wales Australia. It is situated around Lake Jindabyne – a man made lake put in place as part of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme.

Why the adventure? – Why not I say – at age 51 – I have just been through some pretty challenging times which left me single, after 27 years of marriage, broken hearted, broke materially and grieving the loss of my mother. I did the best I could to keep things “ as normal “ as possible for my kids for a few years and now its time to figure out what’s next for me. I  felt I needed to get away from my past life to see life from a new perspective.

Why Jindabyne? – I have spent many winters here, originally as my kids roadie, they are all passionate skier’s and boarders and the mountains have always had a special place in my heart, almost a coming home feeling, I love the energy of the lake, I find it restorative, I love the snow gums and walking in the snow and I especially love the stillness when it begins to snow.

Of course leading up to the adventure I was wondering what the heck I was doing and others around me tried to talk me out of it however I felt the fear and did it anyway.

Now that I am here I realise the gift is the opportunity to slow down, be in nature, run my online business, write my book and just simple allow the next piece to unfold.

Do you give yourself the space to find the gift in what you fear?


8 thoughts on “Feel The Fear and Find The Gift.

  1. My dear Kym,
    Do not feel that way. You are” after 27 years of marriage, broken hearted, broke materially and grieving the loss of my mother. “
    No, my dear, you have all the things that you need! God or providence does provide all that is needed, it may not provide that which we desire, but there is a difference in the two. You have a lot creativity; and that is jostling in you to come out; let it express itself. you are going to do so poetry and take to writing. You have my blessings ; go ahead.

  2. Kym That is an amazing post.  That does take courage to open up such private areas to the masses.  I can relate on some levels, ( sadly never had my own children, probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to come to terms with ) But have experienced a marriage ending, then losing the love of my life, and loses of people I love.  As I’ve said, I feel that polaris & this community are the new chapter in my life. I’m truly looking forward to the experience. Lots of challenges, lots of days, just sooo tired, but I know, it will all come together.( that’s another book )   I’m so thankful to have connected with you, happy you are my enroller and that there will be a connection going forward.  I love your energy, your outlook on life, your love of family and “life”.  You have made good choices,  make time to play in the snow,  my thoughts are ……….You Go Girl !!!!  I look forward to learning in your footsteps !! Okay, good night before I get too mushy Talk soon. Irene


    1. Irene – your words have touched my heart, bless you beautiful woman for sharing so opening. I am truly blessed we have connected and that is the gift of following your dreams, the beautiful people that come into your life, I am grateful beyond words.
      Kym xxx

  3. Kym,
    I made a decision like you a few years back to leave the secure paycheck world of my 27 year supply management career and step away from it all. Good for you for trusting in your heart, having faith and knowing somehow it would all work out! I believe sometimes that is the best choice we can make for ourselves. I had lived my career 150% and had an awesome marriage despite the 17 cancer surgeries my husband had in 14 years. We lived a full life bringing love and humor into our cancer care-giving keeping it all together without a hitch. Then his third cancer came and I lost my soul mate 11 months after diagnosis. The passion for my career, income, traveling meant nothing; all I wanted was purpose in life.
    Staying out of senior management to do a “deep dive” into myself for finding the legacy I wanted to leave to people was my entire focus.

    I knew I wanted to volunteer and help women have a stronger self confidence to be all they could be. I opened myself to understanding the pieces of life from childhood to present and the deep grief. Praying for my purpose daily and continuing to explore and help others, I found where I was needed most. The result, Career Role Model Program, Inc. for women in career transitions.

    The women I work with are also reaching the “who am I and what do I want to be going forward” yet struggle to get through and proceed with the confidence, self-worth and persistence that provides fulfillment. I created the bridge and guide them on that transformative journey to step up to their potential. Along with the 8 workshops and workbook I developed, I share Career Role Model stories of women who despite being “hit hard with obstacles,” mustered strength and determination to step up to their potential.

    I’m so glad we connected on Linked In Kym and I have the honor of sharing your Career Role Models story on my site http://careerrolemodel.com/crm-stories/kym-business-life-coach/. I hope you will update your story sharing inspiration of your latest journey. Blessings for your safety.
    Warm regards,

  4. Claudia, Thank you for sharing your journey and for finding your gifts. I am honoured and grateful to be included as part of your website and I hope my story may assist others to go beyond their fear and share their gifts.
    I will be sure to keep you all updated.
    Abundant Blessings
    Kym Kennedy
    Passionate Entrepreneur.

  5. Hi Kim,

    I love your post and it is a perfect reflection of where I am right now. I am currently in LA, after following the feeling to come here from Sydney. There is no rational or logical reason for me coming, other than I felt to.

    I’m already meeting really beautiful and amazing people, enjoying a fantastic yoga practice that I have found and finding new inspiration for my blogs and the book that I am writing.

    Sending you lots of love, hugs, peace, kindness and gratitude.

    Thank you for sharing your truth.

    X x x

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