Heart versus Head–who wins?



I have been working with a personal development exercise for the last few days about listening to and following my hearts desire. It has been a fantastically enlightening process. One of the things I have discovered was my limiting belief around it being wrong to listen to your heart. Somewhere along the line I picked up some miss information that listening to your heart was somehow the weaker choice.

Through observing myself and my heart,( which by the way for me is more than my feeling realm it is a deep desire that I do feel in my heart area  which is  a very different experience and place from my head advisor).so wonderful synchronicities have occurred one of which I am moved to share with you.

I was guided by a Facebook friend to The book “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod – I purchased the audio version and began listening right away. Wow – I don’t want to spoilt it if you haven’t read it but it was just the piece of information I needed. I have long been a disciplined early riser however my morning practise had become sluggish and so where my results. This hour of power first thing in the morning is just what I needed. This blog is evidence – it is 6.30am I have completed my yoga, meditation, affirmations, visualisation, personal development and journaling and I feel great, enthusiastic and ready for an amazing day.

From now on its my head that gets to drive my life – my head will come in to create the plan and all that wonderful practical stuff.

Which do you follow? and have you read the Miracle Morning?


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