Which way do you run in your decision making, Disempowerment or Empowerment?

“ In decisions, people are usually going towards or running away from something” BFEimagesCALPX2DF

From what I have observed people usually runaway to avoid  conflict, perceived pain, responsibility or truth. The irony is that you cant run forever and eventually you will have to face what you are trying to avoid if you are to live the best version of yourself.

An area that I see this too often, and one that boils my blood, is when woman dishonour other woman.

If we are truly to move forward and heal our world woman must hold hands and respect and honour themselves and each other. As The Dalai Lama is quoted to say “ it is western woman who will heal our world” .

Just one simple example of this is when woman allow their husbands, fathers, uncles, solicitor’s, any outside authority to deal with their issues. This is not taking full ownership and certainly is not empowering to the woman and it gives the wrong message to the world.

We do not need to stand behind the masculine anymore, we must walk side by side to fully honour and respect both men and woman it is the only way forward.

Next time you come across someone not standing in their power, loving encourage them to be all they can be.


One thought on “Which way do you run in your decision making, Disempowerment or Empowerment?

  1. I agree with you and once empowerment is learned it truely becomes the best gift of freedom anyone can have

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