Gratitude will lift your spirits

Child in Prayer

As a young child my views on what was good and bad

positive and negative were some what distorted because

of child hood abuse.
Sadly I tended to focus on what we

negative/bad about me and my life,
needless to say

I compared myself to the
prettiest girl and slimmest girl ,

the ones
with the happiest families and through comparing

I simply compounded the negative thoughts I had about myself and felt like a failure.

Fast forward many years – I was gifted a book that changed my thinking and my way of looking at the world – The Book was “ Freedom In Exile” The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama. After reading this amazing story, my perspective was changed forever and my quest for a new point of view began. I am forever grateful to the friend who handed me her copy of the book all those years ago.

One of those view points that I aspire to use in my daily life, and the one I come back to when I get off track, is Gratitude. I have truly found that shifting to find something ( and there always is something no matter how small) to be grateful for – it lifts my spirits and my vibration, I feel the heaviness leave my body and I begin to lighten up and as I do that more uplifting thoughts and feelings enter my body, as does the outward experiences, its seems to me as I lift the universe immediately matches me.

I have a habit now if I am feeling frustrated and not seeing the results I want to see in my life, I go for a walk, literally moving the energy, sometimes I dance and I start reciting to myself all that I am grateful for, I usually start with my children and the people that I love in my life, there is so much to give thanx for and it can turn my day around.

Do you place significant importance on gratitude?


4 thoughts on “Gratitude will lift your spirits

  1. Good Morning Kym,

    I am so glad that God had me open this email, You have no idea how much this helped! Thank-You,Jody

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