What you Focus on You will attract more of.


I have seen and heard may quoting ( and I was one of them not that long ago)

“Let go of your fears to move forward”.

Whilst I agree that living from fear is not the way forward I believe that focusing
on the fears is not the best solution. What we focus on we attract more of and add
to that the anxiety of what you are fearful of and you are keeping yourself in a
cycle that you don’t want.

As I continue my own inner journey it has become very clear to me that opening up to
my feeling realm and honouring what is in my heart is a way more productive way of
living my life. By focusing on what I want I am automatically letting go of what I am fearful of.

You truly deserve to live a joyous, abundant, loving life – go after what you want it is never too late.

If you focused on what you want – what would you Be, Do, Have?


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