Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

The decision making process is an important part of the path to success. Some things to consider when making decisions.

* choose who you listen too – eliminated advise from those whose life experience is the opposite to what you want

*.ensure you follow through – it is easy to make grandiose decisions however you must follow through and this can be the step that leads to “ failure” ( i don’t believe in failures just information)

* don’t justify – don’t fall into the trap of justifying your reason to others as they may knock your confidence and allow self doubt to step in, choose who your share with.

* know your why – why have you decided what outcome are you looking for – go for it.

When making decisions there are times when your decisions will make no sense to others, that’s ok, it doesn’t mean your decisions are wrong, make your decision from a place of what you truly want and follow your intention as to the steps you need to take.

Remember not deciding is a decision.



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