Loving yourself is a key to Success

Loving Yourself

“ Love yourself first and everything falls into line” Lucille Ball

The key to any significant change you are looking to make, whether it be health,career lifestyle, or  financial is loving yourself, if you don’t love yourself, it will be difficult to make sustainable change.

My experience that taught me this was to observe myself over and over,  I would set a new plan in place, I took the actions and I kept taking the action, during this phase I am speaking positively to myself, I am choosing actions that are in alignment with my goal and I’m doing great and then….. I may be a bit tired or something is a little different in my routine or a family upset or similar and then things seem to spiral back to the old way and the self talk becomes less positive and if I don’t stop and really get in touch with what’s going on for me I can get off course.

There are many reason why we stop loving and valuing ourselves and they don’t have to big traumas, they can be the way we interpret the way someone spoke to us, the point is, it is vital to sustained success that you heal those parts that you have stopped loving.

I believe personal development is a beautiful way to do this, E.F.T ( Tapping Solution ) is another. I have recently come across a new book that covers this in a beautiful and practical way, You Were Not Born To Suffer by Blake D. Bauer.

Do you truly love you? I offcourse and a work in progress, how about you?


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