Its never about the money.

I speak to a lot of people in my business
and part of the conversation involves them making a decision.

I often hear people saying” I don’t have the money”,

and they decide about their future based on what they consider their current situation to be, which is interesting because the reason most people are speaking with me is because they want to change their current circumstances.

The important step is first – decide – then think about the money.. People too often rob themselves of a great opportunity based on the money rather than focusing on their desire first and then the money.

How often do you go shopping and are guided by the price tag rather than your desire? I am not saying you should spend outside your means, I believe creating wealth is about spending below your means, the point I am making is to notice what you desire, what you love rather than what your budget says you love.

Think of a time when you really wanted something, didn’t you do whatever it took to get it?


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