Do you truly value your time?

Masterminding this week with a colleague of mine about managing my team  we got to talking about valuing our time. My colleague asked me “ what would I do right now if I deeply valued my time” hmm I pondered. We both agreed to consider this question all day and report back what we discovered.

Well it was an enlightening process – what I discovered was that being 51, I am definitely in the second half of my life and I better value my time left here on earth, that was a “wake up” thought. Ok so now – where am I holding out and not saying YES to life and all that the universe offers me. I noticed the parts of me that where waiting for conditions to be perfect before I said yes. I know  better than this so why was I not living it, fear, habit whatever, I am human and will always be a work in progress.

My new affirmation is “ I am deeply valuing my time”.

I am so grateful and deeply value the entrepreneurs that I surround myself with that I can share and grow.

Do you value your time?


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