You Are Not Your Current Circumstances

At the beginning of each year, most of us set new goals. and make statements to the effect of “ this year I am going to………… We make choices about what we want to be different in our lives.



Some decide to make changes to their health and well being or perhaps its more to do with relationships or careers. Many people make new years resolutions and a few weeks into the year get despondent and go back to their old ways, the ways the are more familiar, more comfortable. At this point it is very powerful to remember to think beyond your current circumstances. All your current result’s are due to the actions and decisions you made in the past. Now is the time to stay committed to what you want to create and to give yourself the space to bring those new results into reality.

Realise from this point on your current situation is only a temporary state of affairs for you and if you stay committed, you will see soon see the rewards of your new actions.

This is a true paradigm shift and its exciting. Thinking beyond your current circumstances, thinking outside of what is here right now will bring some universal magic with it. As you stay focused on what you want to create the universe will magically open doors for you.

As a wise man once said “ nothing changes if nothing changes”. So Be the change you wish to see in your world and give yourself the space to become those changes.

Go for it, be committed and think beyond where you are right now.


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