What was 2012 all about for you?

As 2012 draws to a close, I am pondering my yearly ritual  of reviewing my year that was. In this process  I look at what worked, what didn’t & what I learned. I look at  the intention and goals I set at the beginning of the year, what I achieved and what I didn’t and if I didn’t why not..  At this time I begin creating my new vision board , or as I call it my future self board, and decide on the goals  and desires I have for the year ahead. I find this process very powerful and I have been blessed for the past 3 years to have someone to share this process with, where we each act as witness to each others dreams.

I also have been thinking about “ what has 2012 been all about for me? What was the overall theme and what insights did I gain.

2010 for me was predominately about loss, experiencing 3 significant losses during that year.

2011 was really about inwardness, healing and allowing.

2012 has been allot about  re-building, strong foundations ( values and beliefs)  and trusting. This helps me to see where I am on my life’s journey and what  I can improve on or continue to strengthen  in the year ahead. I find great power in looking back to where I have been, the trick is not to get stuck there.beautiful-landscapes-5[1]

I am interested to hear what has 2012 been about for you?


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