Life is precious – It’s the little Things

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Whist traveling home from a big day in the city,

Christmas shopping with my daughter,                      

I saw something that shook me up (in a good way).

You know one of those snap shots that shift you whole perspective in an instant.

I love spending time with my daughter, she now lives in the city and spending time with her is very m precious to me. She has a great sense of humour and we spend a lot of our time laughing.

We planned a long day of Christmas shopping and we did just that, throughout the 7 hours of shopping I was noticing how heavy the parcels were and how tired my body was feeling and quietly wishing I could sit down and rest my weary bones.

After a wonderful day of eating delicious food, smelling beautiful perfumes and looking and touching all the gifts we were purchasing for our loved ones we were on our way to dinner before my drive home to the country when I witnessed the view the shook me up. What I saw was a woman in one of those motorised chairs with her carer. She was completely paralysed from the neck down and she looked like she was on her way to watch a show and I could see the excitement in her being.

The vision of this woman, who would have been around my age, started me thinking about all the things I had experienced with my daughter throughout the day, things this woman would not have the luxury of experiencing. I realised how much I was taking for granted, like the feeling of the hugs from daughter, the sensitive touch from a loved one, the freedom to move around as I pleased. I was so moved by how this inspiring woman seemed to not only be surviving but she was expressing excitement. Wow – Talk about a shift in perspective.

Today I will bring my awareness to my gratitude for the freedom I have to move around and to feel my body. I will heighten my awareness on the little things in my life that mean so much to me.


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