What is an Entrepreneur?

Looking up the defination of Entrepreneur in the dictionaries,                    

they all give explaination in relation to business and whilst I believe that to be true, to me being an Entrepreneur is an attitude, a way of thinking.

It is being solution focused, at cause rather than at the effect of life.

I knew from a very early age that I was born in a time and place of great opportunity and I can vividly remember thinking to myself, all I had to do was to think of things I enjoyed doing and then work out a way to make a living from it.  My Entrepreneurial journey has been an intersting one and my path has had many twists and turns and it is my solution focused mindset that has allowed me to create a life that I enjoy living, including my failings and my wins.

Being an Entrepreneur is having a conviction to go after my dreams, to live life on my terms and think outside the box to find my own solutions.

Being an Entrepreneur  is certainly about business, it is also about our attitudes towards life. I believe many parents are Entrepreneurs. To run a successful household takes great Entrepreneurial thinking if we are to create harmony, balance and growth within our family unit. Another example of this is when parents decide to separate and go their seperate ways. The standard model out there is disfunction and recentment causing pain for all concerned. An Entrepreneurial attitude towards this will allow parents to empower themselves and rather than come from wrong and right look for ways to create a new model of cohension and create much less pain for the children. I know this works as I am living it.

There are many role models out there of wonderful Entrepreneurs and one I take inspiration from regularly is Mother Teresa. Over the years she has attracted millions of dollars for her causes and it has taken great Entreprenerial thinking to achieve what she has achieved.

Where are you using your Entrepreneurial mindset?


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