The Same Wind Blows on Us All – Jim Rohn

Here is another of Jim Rohn’s philosophies that he says changed his life.


The same wind, meaning the same stuff has happens in life, adversity is not exclusive to a few it shows up in all our lives at different times and to different degrees but it does show up. The control we have is how we deal with it. Do we allow it to debilitate us or do we use it as a spring board to propel us closer to what we want. I know in my own life its when something happens that shakes me up a bit, it usually strengthens my resolve and I become more focused and aligned with what I want to create.

My Rohn goes on to say that its not the wind that blows on us that matters it is the set of the sale, its the direction we point ourselves in and to know clearly our, destination our goal. This point is so so important to know where it is that you are headed with clearly defined goals otherwise the wind will push you around and around in circles and who knows where you will end up.

So accept that the same wind blows on us all and set you sale and continue in the direction you want to go.


3 thoughts on “The Same Wind Blows on Us All – Jim Rohn

  1. Jim Rohn has been an influence in my life for many years. Even though he’s gone now, his legacy of positive influence will live on forever. It’s nice to see his name in print again.

    A life long fan.

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