Profits are better than wages.


Once Jim Rohn understood the above phrase he became rich. He goes on to say, Wages will earn you a living, profits will earn you a fortune.

As an entrepreneur and long term student of personal development I have had my own understanding of the above words for many years though its always great to hear it from a master because it gives me the opportunity to look more deeply as to the effect that particular philosophy has on my life.

Earning a living is about working for someone else, regular hours, regular pay. Creating profits is about building a business, a brand, a product or service. It takes courage, tenacity, persistence, belief and a burning desire to see it through. The risks are higher and therefore so is the potential  reward. It can take many many hours of unpaid work until the baby flies, but the feeling of when it flies is, to me, like no other, it is what I imagine extreme sports people feel when they have conquered their sport. It’s not for everyone and that’s fine but for me, the thrill of taking on and figuring out a new business challenge feeds and nourishes my soul and allows me to feel very much alive. So I completely agree with Mr Rohn that profits earn you a fortune.

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Profits are better than wages.

  1. Really interesting thought! I’ve found several Jim Rohn quotes that have really struck a cord. As a fellow entrepreneur, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a “salary” from my job but have always just been more focused on profits and what that means for the business.

    1. Stephanie, Love your comment and wonderful to connect with you, I love the simple and profound way Jim Rohn delivers his information, a true master.I had a look at your blog and am now following. Would love to hear what projects you are working on right now.

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