Freedom, Growth, Joy- Its that simple.

“Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you”. Lao Tzu

Freedom for me comes from my commitment to my own personal growth and that in turn brings me great joy.

I was listening to the Abraham teachings this morning on my walk and Ester Hicks voiced the message, that we all seek freedom, growth and joy.  I heard and  understood that message in a way I had not before.I got this sense of , wow, its really that simple.

I value my personal growth as much as I value my family, and for anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows how important my family is to me.

I realised that through personal growth, which for me  is my passion for personal development, we find freedom and in finding  freedom we discover joy.  Pretty simple.

What is does personal growth mean to you? 


3 thoughts on “Freedom, Growth, Joy- Its that simple.

  1. I think it means feeling more aware of myself, my moods, my surroundings. I try to do something for my personal growth each day, whether it is reading new and interesting things, watching a sunrise for more than a few seconds, or doing some exercises. It’s such a blend of physical and mental and spiritual, but the more that I do, the more I want to do!

    1. Jennifer,
      Thank you for sharing what freedom means for you and I completely agree doing some form of personal growth is a joyous way to live life and the more you do , the more you want to do. Love it. Abundant Blessings to you.

  2. Hi Kyym
    “The human journey to full personhood takes a lifetime and can never be completed till death”( D. Benner Author: Soulful Spirituality the journey to be
    fully alive and deeply human
    “There comes a turning point in every individuals maturing life theyrecognize that simply being human is not sufficient to becoming fully human”

    Li Chi (Taoist Monk)

    Use you talents while you can Abraham was ineffective only when he tried to take care of himself in his way

    Good Luck

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