The Better it gets, The better it gets.

In 2010 my life took a deep turn, a turn inward

because all that I knew outwardly had changed.thCAJ9FGWU

This was the year my 27 year marriage ended,

all of my material possessions, bar some furnishings

and clothing parted ways with me and my mother

left the human plain. During one of my dark hours ( and there have been several of those) I put out a clear request (prayer) to the universe, I demanded “ show me the vehicle that will get me out of this whole” . Within 2 days I was speaking with a beautiful woman who shared an opportunity with me. that I immediately took on board and am so grateful for her coming into my life.

Since then I have been on an amazing journey of self discovery, this of course will be ongoing, what I am happy to share is that I have gained so much clarity on who I am and what I want that my life continues to get better and better.

I know we must feel our feelings of loss and disappointment. The importance  is not to stay there, the importance is to continually focus in what you want. The tools that I have collected and treasure as  essential to my ideal life are gratitude, not making others wrong and always telling my story from the place of empowerment and creation. The more we focus on what we want the better it gets and the better it gets, the better it gets. Its that simple.

If you are stuck in anyway in your life may I offer this reminder, be grateful for all you have and start speaking ( to yourself and others) about what you want. We get what we focus on.

I have  mentioned Rhonda Byrnes Book” Magic” before, it is wonderful for increasing Gratitude, I also love Ester and Jerry Hicks recordings on Manifesting Money where Abraham discusses all aspects of life.

We are here, in this abundant universe to feel love, joy and pleasure. Let go of the struggle and allow your life to get better and better.


2 thoughts on “The Better it gets, The better it gets.

  1. Kym, thanks for your messages. I have befn feeling a bit “low” tonight. I am 6-months post divorce following a 21-year marriage. Also, like you, left w/ very little and gained the displeasure and non-communication from my term aged son who blames me for divorcing his alcoholic father. You’re helping me to be grateful for getting out, and looking toward the brighter days ahead. Gratitude for what u do have including the self respect to move forward with my life and hoping ang praying my teenager son will one day see why the change was for the best. Your post reached me just when I needed it. Thank you Kym. …Susie

    1. Susie, thank you for your heart felt comment. My experience is that time does give new perspectives for you and your child. In fact I am just about to enjoy a holiday with my 3 children that feels for me like a celebration of ” we made it through the toughest part”. Be gentle with you and good for you in using Gratitude as your leverage. Abundant Blessings to you. Kym

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