Be, Do, Have.

These 3 magic words are the key to how the universal laws imagesCAA3ZD01

of attraction work. Where I believe most of us get caught up is in achieving the perfect balance to attract all that we desire.

Here’s my thoughts, fuelled by my experience on what the ideal balance for me is.

When I notice I am not in that beautifully “ in sync” space with the universe and my life isn’t flowing from one wonderful experience to another, it is usually because I am focusing on the problem and not on the solution. As soon as I catch myself doing this, I ask  “ what  is it that I want here?”, a feeling of relief comes over me and I know I have shifted to focusing on the solution. This is the being part, I ask “ who am I being, am I being the co-creator here or the stopper?” I must get into the mindset of the person  I want to be before I can know the action(doing) I require to get to the having, which by the way happens effortlessly as a by product of the being and doing..

Please don’t misinterpret the simplicity of this as necessarily being easy, we are so conditioned to focus on the problems or at least that is my experience,  so it takes practise for this way of being to become habit.

I love the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks on manifesting and increasing our vibrations. I listen to them regularly to assist me in ‘Being” who I choose to be.

Life truly is magic when we are being who we choose to be, giving thanks for all we are and being open to all we can be.

Please feel free to share your experiences of Be, Do, Have.


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