The Source Within.

I am not a religious person, I consider myself to me more spiritual, encompassing a broader view rather than following any one belief in a particular entity. I resonate with the ideals of Dr Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh and many others who speak of the god within. I love the line in The Book Eat, Love, Pray, that says “god dwells within you as you”.

As I was sitting overlooking the beautiful lake Jindabyne last Sunday and doing my weekly reflection and, planning my week ahead I got to thinking about the teaching  “ and on the 7 day he/she shall rest” and  why that works well for me.  I tend not to go on my computer on a Sunday and keep any work to a minimum and I do this to rest my mind, to create a completion of one week and a breathing out before the new begins.

The most important part of taking a break in routine on a Sunday for me is that I reconnect more strongly with that God Source within me. I do of course do this on a daily basis with mediation and being present as often as I am aware, but Sunday has a very special and unique feel to it for me. I slow down, I turn off my alarm clock and allow myself to wake naturally, and I generally have a late and slow breakfast spending the morning in a quiet reflective space that really allows me to be very connected (you can tell my children have all grown now) and If I am lucky enough to be viewing nature, as I was last Sunday just the sheer opportunity of observing the “ simple beingness” of nature seems to restore my soul and rejuvenate me and all seems well in the world.

I now have a new and deeper appreciation of Sunday and my day of rest. Do you take at least one day off to rest?


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