Why I love what I do!


I had an experience recently with a deeper understanding of why I love what I do.

I had a profound shift from my head to my heart in my belief about what I do for a living, which came when I was speaking to a young man who came across one of my ads for my business opportunity.

When I originally spoke with him a few months ago he was not yet 18 (a legal requirement), he shared a little of his story with we and I got the picture he hadn’t had a lot of lucky breaks in his life, he seemed so keen that I told him if he wanted to call me back when he was 18 he was welcome to do so.

To my surprise he called me a few days after his 18th birthday.

Whilst speaking with him I discovered he didn’t have a clear income goal so again I sent him away suggesting that he put pen to paper to figure out all the things he wanted to achieve, to have and to be in his life and then put a figure against each of them which would show him the kind of money he would need to achieve those desires. I was again surprised when he called me at 3.30am (he lives in the USA and I in Australia) and left me a message saying he had put pen to paper and wanted to discuss it with me. I called him back and asked him what he had discovered; he replied “I discovered I need a whole lot more money than I was thinking”. He seemed empowered by his discovery.

The light bulb came for me when I thought to myself; imagine BFE (my online study course) in this young man’s hands, and that was the reminder of why I love what I do. I am in the privileged position to offer this kind of empowerment on a daily basis.

A quiet contentment came over me and great feeling of gratitude.

I hope that you have your own version of this towards your work, I love to hear it.


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