Looking at Your Life as a Timeline.

Over the past 6 weeks or so I have been looking back over my half century on this planet,

I have been doing this through the perspective of a time line.

It has been a fascinating process, I have used photos to help

me to look back and view the high points and low points,

the successes and the choices I could have made differently.

What has fascinated me the most is the fabulous adventure I have had and this came as a bit of a delightful surprise as my focus over the past 5 years has been more on support and survival.

As I looked back through the photos with my daughter and we laughed and talked about how I had given her a bad haircut and joked about the fashion at certain times, and how scrumptiously cute her brothers were. I realised we have had an amazing adventure.

I also love how the universe offers more opportunity to consolidate my learning by reconnecting me with some long term friends I hadn’t connected with for many years and reminiscing and acknowledging each other’s journeys. Also the opportunity to be interviewed for an article on successful entrepreneurs had me recounting my story as a long term entrepreneur and again looking at the adventure I have had.

It has been a wonderful and profound exercise to bring perspective of the bigger picture and remember all that I have conquered in the past which gives me stronger foundations for the next half century!

I am full flight in creation mode again feeling very much that anything is possible and very grateful for all that I have experienced and overcome.

What does your timeline look like, has it been a great adventure?


5 thoughts on “Looking at Your Life as a Timeline.

  1. I think life is like a new car, you can keep it clean, pristine, in the garage and hardly use it for fear of dirt or wear and tear, or use it to have great and wonderful journeys and adventures, trying to keep it clean and pristine as you travel. My 16 year old step-daughter announced the other day that now she is a ‘adult’ she is not going to make any bad choices and her life is going to be perfect… not like us apparently… soo after my husband and I picked ourselves up off the floor from laughing…

  2. Hi Kym I have been scrolling through your sites/blogs and had trouble getting onto http://kymmkennedy,wordpress.com/ but eveentually when i changed the commer to a dot got to this site. so have a look at the link and see if it works?
    I went looking for your invitation to sucessful social media but alas i could not find it ? do guide me please.
    I was so impresed with who you have become and I really wantesd you to know I notcied, I was also very impressed with Elle as a woman, wow she has grown into a someone with presents , a credit to you indeed.

    1. Dearest Ant,
      Thank you for the heads up re the link to my blog, I have changed the URL to http://kymmkennedy.com so that issues wont exist. I have sent you an invite to my free social media training via your Facebook messages but will post here also. Go to http://www.facebook.com/TheDreamBiz and click”like” and then the welcome page should give you the form to put your details in to receive the modules, if not click on the “welcome” tab. Let me know if you have any issues.
      Thank you for noticing the positive changes I have made to my life, I owe it all to the personal development program I use daily and share passionately with others, it truly has been life changing. I look forward to connecting with you and hearing of your travels. Abundant Blessings, Kym

  3. Kym funny enough, I started a sort of biography of my life today. My middly daughter and I were talking about the past and she said that she thinks I should write about it. I have a good life now and I never had the courage to remember what happened. Its seems I am finally ready and I am remembering a lot of good things when I thought I was going to be haunted by bad memories.

    1. Vivian, Thank you for sharing your experience and good on your daughter for encouraging you. I resonate with what you say about being concerned about being haunted by bad memories, I had the same concerns. I look forward to reading more of your story perhaps on your blog. Best wishes, Kym

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