Do you pay attention to the moon?


new moon
new moon

I awoke early this morning with things on my mind; I looked at my clock and saw it was still quite early. Remembering that today the moon would shift from the dark to the new phase ( at 5.41am Sydney time), I got out of bed and wrote down the things that were buzzing in my head, things that were only unfounded worries and all that no longer served me. I then took out my lovely old brass cauldron and released those concerns by burning them in my cauldron. As I watch them burn I consciously felt the letting go.

I then wrote my list of what I welcome into my life, the things, thoughts and ideas that I would like to have come about this moon cycle.

This is a practise I have been doing for about 10years and I am still astounded by the simplicity and profoundness of it.

 As our bodies are largely made up of water we are daily influenced by the moon. Fisherman and surfers have long known the effect the moon has on the tides and the same is true for the effect it has on our bodies.

The way in which I utilise the energy of the moon is at new moon I set intentions for the cycle. I tend to work on those projects during the first half of the cycle (up to the full moon phase) at full moon I take time to add  some light to my projects by checking in with how I am going and tweaking or course correcting, making any adjustments necessary and in the last weeks of the cycle it is about completing and letting go. At this dark phase of the moon I respect my need for a little solitude and rest and this is generally when I plan my doona day, a day to just hang out with no agenda, watch movies, read and recharge in readiness for the next cycle.

If you would like to become more in tune with the moon and its effect on you, I suggest that you set a time each evening and go outside and look up and take note what the moon looks and where it is in the sky(or not) and note how you are feeling.

As always I would love to hear your experiences.


4 thoughts on “Do you pay attention to the moon?

  1. Thank you for your comment earlier, I was here to post one earlier but the day became crazy! I love your blog and the issues you write about, and yes, tonight I will be lighting a candle as I do every new moon, it has become a meditative practice to say thank you for all the wonderful things I have now in life. I find a little ‘lunacy’ can be fun!

  2. This is a beautiful way to bring the moon energy into life. I have a connection but have not brought in the energies in such a way. I will create this awareness for myself in the months ahead.Thank you!

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