The Stories we play in our minds – positive or negative?


Glass Half empty or half full

Recently whilst listening to one of my personal development training calls, one of the successful entrepreneur’s in our company was sharing her success story and she mentioned coming to a realisation that whilst she had created the challenges in her life, she also had the power to create the solution!

Hearing this for me, was one of those light bulb moments that allowed me to awaken to the stories that I was playing in my head and how I had been putting a lot of my focus on the mistakes and so called failings in my life which was directly affecting  my results.

I was sharing this realisation with a close friend and she told me about the Jungian theory of looking through the glass dark! This is when we are focusing on the fault or the flaw. It is the opposite of looking through rose coloured glasses and it got me thinking of the Buddha’s enlightenment on “finding the middle way”.

I have always considered myself to be a glass half full person and was somewhat surprised to realise that in fact I had been more in the glass half empty thinking in my mind with the stories I was repeating over and over.

I have now settled into a place of finding my middle path of accepting the past as is and knowing that perhaps my glass maybe half empty right now however I have the power to fill that glass to full and even overflowing just by cleaning up the stories in my mind and choosing what I focus on, where I want to be and get on with creating that.

This may seem rather simple and obvious to anyone who has had this realisation and is in fact creating the life they want, however if you are not getting the results you desire, it may be worthwhile paying attention to the stories you are playing in your mind, are they half empty or half full?


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