Living a Magical Life

Living a Magical Life.

In November last year I attended one of our company’s conferences in Tahiti. The theme of the conference was The Magic of Life. Since leaving the conference I have been focusing on my version of a magical life.

What I have observed and come to some certainty about is that when I am focusing on what is important to me, my purpose of making a difference and supporting others, I am in flow with the universal powers and my life is truly magical.

How that shows up is a flow, synchronicities if you like. One event flows to another, life seems to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces seem to fit together easily and effortless. To me this is the energy of truth, love, acceptance and contentment.

When I allow my fears and doubts to be my focus, I step out of this flow and life becomes confusing and seems to be more difficult.

Do you remember the feeling of being a child and playing make believe? I remember this vividly, it was when I was completely immersed in being a princes and dressing up in my grandmothers pretty shoes and draping shawls around my shoulders and I became that princes and completely lived in that carefree realm of possibility. It is this space that I tap into as an adult which allows me to create and be in flow of creating what is a meaningful life for me.

I am not suggesting here that the difficulties in life disappear, they don’t, however being in this magical stream of life allows me to look at the bigger picture and stay true to what I want to achieve and be which allows me to be open to solutions and readjustment to align again with a higher possibility.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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