I Am! The power of Manifestation.

I Am! These 2 small yet very powerful words are the key that opens the door to manifesting a magical life.

I have known for a long time that I have this power within me to create the life I choose and over the years I have manifested some amazing experiences and material realities into my life. Until now I haven’t really had a deep understanding of how I opened this power within me. I have somewhat clumsily put it out there and it has been a bit hit and miss and sometimes I have hit the mark. The significant change for me came after having  the privilege of  seeing Dr Wayne Dyer live at an event where he shared teachings from his new book Wishes Fulfilled.

Through listening to him talk about these powerful words, and reading his book “Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of manifestation” I really came to know how to open into the power that is within each and everyone of us.

Dr Dyer shared the path to opening into the power source within is through the words “I am”. He quotes and cross references from many ancient text’s the words “I am that I am” as being the words that allows us the magical pathway to creating anything we wish to bring about in our lives. I am not just talking about material possessions; I am talking about wonderful relationships, health and wellness, purpose, your dream career and more.

Ester and Jerry Hicks through the Abraham teachings speak of it as the vortex.

What I realised was is that I have tapped into this power within in the past however I often undid or cancelled out my wishes by negative mind chatter, self doubt.

I think of it like tuning into a radio station, the static is the self doubt which has prevented me from hearing and knowing the clear signal of my station.

As I have continued to immerse myself in personal development and meditation I have fined tuned my channel and I now choose to clear the mind noise of self doubt with the words “I Am”. I use these words to counter any self doubt that comes from fear and past experiences.

This is an amazingly simple way to live a magical life.  I am excited by the power that I have to live purposefully, passionately and compassionately.

I have small cards posted up in my bedroom and bathroom with my affirmations of “ I am healthy”, “I am my perfect weight”, “ I am a published Author” and so on.

Ill leave you with this quote from Dr Dyers book by Uell Stanley Anderson

“Everything which you can conceive and accept is yours! Entertain no doubt. Refuse to accept worry or hurry or fear. That which knows and does everything is inside you and harkens to the slightest whisper”.


7 thoughts on “I Am! The power of Manifestation.

  1. I love Dr. Wayne Dyer and his work. Looking forward to getting is new book Wishes Fulfilled. I too have known this but have cancelled out many, many things with the negative chatter….
    Infinite gratitude to you for your article

  2. Kym Kennedy, I like your article, it is nicely written. It definitely motivates to follow due to good writing and the truth of contents. I am also a fan of Dr. Wayne’s books. His thoughts have contributed a lot in my life, which I have mentioned in the acknowledgements of my published book “Self Elevation”.

    I witness you that what you have written in this article really works in our life with patience and perseverance. Many people must have benefited by this way but, perhaps they might have not self-observed and analyzed to know the phenomenon which Dr. Wayne and you have understood and explained.

    Dr. Jayanti Rusat

  3. Kym,
    How true… as Popeye said in the old cartoons, “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.” I didn’t realize at the time how prophetic he was. There has been much written about the power of the mind. At Unity it is said, “That which is held in mind, manifests in kind.” A very interesting book written in the early 1900’s is called “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. Some say he was the father of this power of the mind movement, but I believe it’s been around forever; we just forget the truth throughout our lives. Thanks for the reminder.


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