There is Power in your Story.

There is power in your story.

Every one of us has our own story – the story of our life’s journeys.

I believe it’s in sharing our stories that we add value to our lives and the lives of others.

I have often found it’s whilst listening to someone sharing their story that something resonates with me and I have a new insight to add value to my own journey.

In the past I have often been reluctant to share my story as I haven’t placed a higher enough value on its worth.

Lately I have been paying more attention to how often these ahha moments come for me when I’m listening to others, so I have made a commitment to share my journey, or parts of it and in particular my personal development journey here on my blog with the intention that it may provide valuable insight to you and bring some clarity to your journey.

Another crucial part to adding value to others lives is how I relay my story, I pay attention to ensuring that I am sharing from an empowered space rather than from a poor me or victim space, also making sure that it is authentic.

Let me share an example of what I mean by this.

I gave birth to my youngest child, my son Jesse at home, it was a very quick birth, 50 minutes in fact so there was no time to get to the hospital and it was all a bit chaotic or at least that is how I shared his birth story for years, which was from a place of disempowerment, a place of “it all happened so fast I wasn’t in control and it just happened”. After years of personal development and a phase of my life when I was co facilitating pregnancy workshops and listening to woman sharing their birthing stories that I reflected on my own and decided to rewrite the way I shared my story.

I realised I was in fact very much in control and I had actually always wanted to birth my baby at home and the universe supported me to do just that with my other 2 children present as well as my mum and dad and husband, it was in fact a beautiful, easy home birth that I am very grateful for.

By changing how I share my story, it has had a massive impact on my life and on my sons life, from the message that I was not in control and making it wrong, to, it happening just as I had always wanted and my son feels that he was born the way he was meant to at home with all his family present.

I continue to look at the way I share any of my stories, always looking for the most empowering way to tell them, authentically sharing the challenges and how I overcame those challenges.

If it feels right for you, reflect on your life’s story and how you are sharing them. Your life and your story matter and there is power and value in sharing it.

As always I would love to hear your insights and comments.


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