What Does Personal Freedom Mean For You?

For me personal freedom comes from honouring my journey and taking all that I have

 experienced and using it as a launching pad to be a fuller, more empowered version of myself.


Having come from a background of abuse as a small child, I spent years being afraid of life and not trusting the world I lived in. I was guarded, angry and afraid.


I have been blessed with an inquisitive mind, a mind that is always searching for answers, for my version of the truth.

 A significant piece to finding my truth came after reading the Dalai Lama’s book “Freedom in exile”. This amazing man taught me that if he could say, after all the violation and horrendous treatment of his people, that the Chinese have been his greatest teachers, I knew I could look at my life differently and search for the truth that I live in a beautiful world full of honest, respectful, caring people.

This began my personal development journey and my quest to find personal freedom.


Many years, seminars, books and inner questioning later, I am delighted to report that I have found personal freedom, a freedom that has allowed me to turn my wounds into compassion, forgiveness and driven desire to live a meaningful life assisting others on their own personal journey to freedom.


As I near my 50th Birthday I can truthfully say I honour my story, I own my wounds and I am living a joyous, blessed abundant life.


There are so many people and opportunities that have showed up for me that have greatly assisted me to discovering my freedom and I am deeply thankful to the beautiful teachers, friends and my personal development business that gifted me along my path to personal and financial freedom.


What does personal freedom mean for you?


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