Do you listen to your body?

This week I have had the opportunity to be still and listen to my body.
A week ago, whilst helping a friend move I “accidentally” touched an electric fence which gave me a considerable shock that resulted in my back going into a spasm causing me to be still for several days.
Whilst I was still able to carry on my business with my trusty laptop propped up on pillows beside me in bed, I did take the opportunity to tap into my body wisdom to understand what it was calling my attention to.
I listened to and appreciated all the beautiful possible insights my many connections on Face book were sharing with me, as they wished me well. As well as the humorous comments, which I loved, the suggestions were to look at the support in my life and how I was moving forward. Reflecting on this I became aware that I have set myself some new health goals recently and looking at how I was supporting myself to achieve these goals was the message I was getting. As I am approaching a significant birthday early next year, I came to realise that if I want my body to be flexible, well and vibrant for the second half of my life, I need to treat it more respectfully. I understand that in my younger years I could “get away” with being a little blaze as to how I treated my body and now that is no longer appropriate.
As the spasm in my back lets go and I am becoming more comfortable, I am also letting go of outdated ways of treating my body, like – resting when I need to rest, eating a lighter, kinder diet, exercising to shed some kilos that I put on through comfort eating whilst I was grieving and no longer need to carry around and placing more importance on my yoga practise. I am a work in progress and haven’t achieved my goals yet however I am moving forward towards them.
Whilst it’s never fun to experience pain, I am grateful for the opportunity to gain clarity and a deeper appreciation for my body. I also send healing thoughts to all those who suffer physical pain on a daily bases and am grateful that my discomfort is almost all behind me!!!!!
So I ask again – Do you listen to your body?


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