Sovereignty Over Time

As a home based entrepreneur, how I take sovereignty over my time is crucial to my success.

Firstly let me explain what I mean when I use the word sovereignty. I mean the quality of who I am being and the supreme authority I exercise over my time.

For any of you who work from home you will know there are challenges as well as wonderful benefits to having a home office. Some of the challenges are to do with other people, some don’t treat a home business with as much respect, thinking that because you are at home you are available at anytime. I find those challenges can be dealt with by simply not answering the door if a friend drops in or a quick “ I’m sorry I’m working” seems to work, they soon get the message even if it takes a few times. For my own children – they know if my office door is closed then I am at work and they must either knock to see if I am available or send me a text as if I was at work elsewhere.

The other challenges are to do with my own discipline. Discipline to not only spend the time it takes to complete my tasks but also the discipline to take time out and not allow my work/life balance to get out of balance.

The way I do this is to have a Daily method of Operation and clearly define goals that keep me on task and on track.

As I love what I do I regularly remind myself to bring energy of play and fun into my day.

For instance if I am working on a new marketing campaign, rather than put pressure on myself by having to have it perfect and perform immediately I “play around” with different wording and watch for the results or lack of, and then “ play around” to tweak.

I also use music – If I am feeling a little unmotivated I pop on an upbeat song (one of my favourites is walking on sunshine by Katrina and the waves) and get up and have quick jive around my office.

The results are always uplifting to my mind and my energy, even if I do get caught playing air guitar by my children.

I hope my sharing of some of the ways I take sovereignty over my time may be of use to you.

How do you take sovereignty of your time?


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