What does Wellbeing mean to you?

One of my current goals is improving my wellbeing.

For me this means improving my fitness, loosing a few kilos, improving my flexibility, letting go of some outdated habits, eating well, meditating and improving my relationships.

I have recently moved homes and this has allowed me to create some new routines especially around my wellbeing.

As it is spring time here inAustraliait is a lovely opportunity to get out in the early mornings and walk. I am enjoying getting to explore the new area I am living in, seeing all the beautiful homes and greeting my neighbours who are also enjoying the outdoors.

I am finding the 30 minutes of good pace walking adding about 2 hours more energy to the end of my day, a great payoff all round and as most of my work is in front of computer it does my head space the world of good. I also find that when I am exercising regularly my eating habits naturally improve.

Another area that has become obvious to my wellbeing is my relationships. I have been looking at where I need to tighten my boundaries, or loosen then with regards to my growing kids, create new guidelines and perhaps let go of some out dated connections and ensure I am creating enough me time. This part is something I haven’t really placed a lot of focus on and I am loving being clearer in what serves me and what doesn’t and to my delight there is little or no guilt around being this way.

Overall my new awareness and practises to improve my wellbeing are paying off in all areas of life. My business is improving as I am clearer, more focused and therefore much more productive. I am loving life and all the joy I am blessed with.

How is your wellbeing?


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