Do You Count Your Wins?

When Goal setting, planning and visualising on what I want to bring about in my life, I find a very important step in the process is, when I have achieved what I set out to do, I stop and really acknowledge my win. I believe it is so important to honour my achievements and I do this in a few ways.

One way is I journal it – acknowledging the work I put in and what it was that I did, particularly in my thinking and actions that allowed me to kick that goal,  as a debriefing process with myself.

Another way is to share it with my community.  I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs who are on their own journeys of making a difference and I have the opportunity to share with them through our training calls, our blogs and face book pages to share my wins. This is not done from ego, it is done from acknowledgement of myself and what I have achieved.

“What I focus on, I get more off”.

Today on a training call I was invited out to share a massive win.

I have had a goal from the beginning of this year to create a new home, large enough to house myself and my 3 children. Last weekend, I moved out of a 2 bedroom villa into a beautiful 6 bedroom house. All my kids are back under the same roof as me and I am like the proverbial

“pig in mud”.

When I set the goal I did not know the “how” I just kept taking the next step, I dimed the constant naysayers (all well meaning of course) and kept my reason Why I wanted it, very clear in my mind and two weeks ago I announced to the world my intention, through a training call and on a blog posting. I am now writing this from my beautiful, warm, light filled home office.

If I don’t stop and acknowledge my wins, I find I get caught in doing mode and driving myself on and on and this leads to a build up of unacknowledged energy that can lower my vibration and I am not being the person I choose to be.

Do you count your wins? If so, how?


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