Are you adventurous enough to live a magical life?

Sometimes when we have experienced set backs and adversity we can live less than we are capable of.

We can feel overwhelmed by the challenges life can present, and therefore stop challenging ourselves.

To turn our life around and point it in the direction we want it go, towards living our version of a magically life we must begin to be more adventurous. I’m not talking about being reckless, but rather to choose something that seems like a challenge and start by taking one step at a time towards embracing a more fulfilling life.

As a child I was brought up under the limiting belief that

“ children should be seen and not heard and that nice little girls were always well mannered and well dressed in pretty frocks”. This didn’t allow for much fun and in particular physical activities to be enjoyed.

I however loved to escape and spend time in the bush amongst the gumtrees. I was always getting into trouble for dirtying and ripping my dresses and told over and over this was not acceptable behaviour of a nice little girl. This did not encourage me to challenge my physicality and I grew into somewhat of woos when it came to doing physical activities.

Recently as part of my desire to live my magical life and be the best version of myself, I have gone back to what I loved as a child, the Australian bush. I have begun bush walking and am setting myself challenges to do more strenuous bush walks. I find it an interesting process of observing myself when I am outside my comfort zone and watching those old limiting beliefs emerge. The rewards I am feeling from these small but significant steps are really encouraging me to be more adventurous.

For you being adventurous may not be physical challenge, it may be speaking in public or finding the courage to leave a job you hate and choose a career you are passionate about. Whatever your magical life looks like I urge you to take one step outside your comfort zone until this becomes comfortable and then, take another step and so on. You will be amazed at how rewarding it is.


I would love to hear how you are becoming more adventurous towards living your magical life.


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