7 To 1. Bright Future

imageHow How much should we look at our past for answers?

As a coach this is a dance I see often, the dance between past stuff and and looking forward to creating our future. It’s a dance I spent many years delving into  on my own personal development journal.

I have discovered a formula that works well for me and like most powerful distinctions I have enjoyed over the past 7 years this formula I learned from my mentor Shane Krider in our Personal Empowerment online program.

The ration is 7 to one, look to creating your future, so your goals, your visualising, your vision board creating, 7 times to one looking back to your past.

There is sometimes a valuable insight in our past stuff or there can be an energetic cord or subconscious mantra that is still affecting your progress.

It is a trap of some healing and therapeutic modalities, even some personal development models that continually look into our past to “free us” to be who we desire to be.

The truth is, if we spend the majority of our time looking at the past we aren’t going to progress much.

We each must find our own balance however I have found the 7 to 1 a productive and empowering guide.

We all deserve to live freely on our own terms and taking responsibility for where we focus our attention is part of that freedom.

Agundant blessings



Are You Invested More In Your Past Than In Your Future?


Why do we allow fear to stop us from breaking free off our past and creating the future we deeply desire.

I talk to loads of people every week. Usually they “say” they want their life to be different and yet they don’t do the things it will take to create that change. Why is this.

Looking at my own life and my own stuff it’s because we are so invested in our past stories, they are familiar and some how a comfort to us. The idea of letting those habitual practises of sharing our drama can be overwhelming to the point that we don’t do it.

Heres an example that stirred in recently.

I had a situation which I wanted to transform, to release to let it go as it was no longer serving me, I had learned the treasures from it and it was time to release the old to make room for the new and yet the old kept plaguing me.

I eventually ask my spiritual team for guidance and the response was” do the loving kindness meditation”. I noticed how absurd an idea I felt this was. You see I was still invested in the past story, I was disappointed, hurt blah blah blah so I wasn’t truly ready to release it.

Once I became aware of this, I began the loving kindness meditation daily and the release happened because I was no longer resisting it. We all know what we resist, persists.

Pare you more invested in your past story than creating you future?

If you would like my recording of the loving kindness meditation go to http://YouTube.com/kymkennedy1 and click on the meditation tab

I’d love to hear your wins.

Abundant Blessings.

It’s Not About The Money.


Believe me it’s never about the money, it is about who you are being, it’s who we become in the process.

If I hadn’t had let most of my material possession go I would not have had the opportunity to become the empowered woman and coach that I am.

We are where we are for the beautiful and challenging opportunity to know the depth of who we really are. We are source energy having a human (material) experience and every bump in the road no matter how small or large gives us the chance to expand our knowing of that.

Money can be a distraction keeping apart from really owning who we are. Don’t get me wrong I love money not because it gives me power, because of what I can do with it. Money doesn’t define me, in fact it’s the abscense  of money that has gifted me the confronting experience of knowing who I am at a deep level. I can be happy and successful with or without its presence. Through the abscence of health, wealth, love that we get to know what is truth for us. What we truly desire

When we can drop the story and look at the feelings behind our story we get the opportunity to touch truth. When we embrace and welcome all of what is real for us we can choose who we want to be.

No matter what we are experiencing in our life, our own  particular challenge when we choose to take pen and paper and be honest with ourselves we discover our truth. Once we can acknowledge our truth we can then decide what we want and who we desire to be. The rest will sort itself out.

Lets say you find yourself cycling around a situation that is challenging you currently. When you journal what that challenge is and how it makes you feel you will get to see the limitation in your thinking and connecting to our heart we birth the desire. Once the desire is clear,  focus on the desire as much as you can. When we become aware we playing the old story in our minds or our communication, stop and give energy to our desire. Commit to doing this for 21 days and you will see the magic. You will receive ideas, offers, communications and signs of guidance to move us closer to our desire. Once we become familiar with this process nothing is impossible and we believe anything truly is possible. Given the  a go and know for yourself.

We live in a friendly universe which desires us to expand beyond where we have been before for our own benefit and the benefit of all. When you are courageous enough to deal with your stuff in this way you do so for all of humity.

You are a unique version of source energy and your guidance system ( your heart and feeling realm) will guide you to your truth, your authentic path.

Lif its more money you desire be sure to know why you want that money and how you want to achieve it. If it’s being an employee then do that as authentically as you can, leave the herd, carve your own path, if it’s as an entrepreneur then do that, open yourself to how that looks for you and watch the opportunities open up to you, then jump.

I support many women and some men to do exactly this, I can’t do it for them but I can share new perspectives and tips I have learned on my journey. I love and feel blessed to walk along side those who are vulnerable and brave to create the life they love.

Lif i can assist you, fill in the contact form and we can have a conversation as to how we can work together.

Abundant blessings.