Spring Equinox–Opportunity Abounds

labyrinth 002

Walking the Labyrinth is something I love to do and have often visited a local one to mark the equinox’s.

Unfortunately that particular Labyrinth is no longer available however it is a wonderful reminder of the opportunity that is available to all of us at this time of equal day and equal night.

When walking the labyrinth the idea is to let go of what no longer serves or that which is holding us back from achieving our desired life.

Creating success in any area of our life is mostly about what we stop doing. Stop smoking, stop procrastinating, stop putting up with…., stop allowing fear to rule your life, you get the picture.

When walking the Labyrinth and the middle point is reached, I idea is to  release, let go, surrender anything we no longer care to bring forward.

As it is still chilly here in the Southern Highlands I will burn a list of “ what I am going to stop doing”., another way is to bury your list, the idea is to transform it in someway.

Then as we weave our way back to our starting point of the labyrinth we express gratitude for all that we are opening up to in our lives. Expanding into all the possibilities of what we are creating moving forward.

Its like creating room in your wardrobe, if its full how can we possibly hang any more cloths, we have to let go of some cloths that no longer work to make room for the new.

Spring Equinox is a lovely time to invite balance – balance between work and play, focused effort and non focused effort, working on your projects and assisting others with theirs. Its a time of reviewing and course correcting to ensure you are on track for what you desire to finish out 2016 strongly and purposefully.

Connecting in with the natural rhythms of our earth allows to stay on track and to live consciously and connectedly.

Will you create some time today/tonight to honour the Equinox? I know I will.

Abundant Blessings and Happy Equinox.

Alchemy Coaching Program – Train The Trainer


What does Alchemy mean – to me Alchemy means turning base metals into precious metals, turning my difficulties into my diamonds.

I have spent a large part of my adult life mastering my alchemy skills both unconsciously and consciously. I am committed to breaking free from the self imposed labels of a challenging childhood.

You see like many of us who have experienced adversity, lets face it, that covers most of us. We have been left with a feeling that we are broken or damaged and we either need fixing or discounting because we aren’t like the “perfect” model. The high performance model that doesn’t screw up, ever.

Who ever fed us that rubbish and more importantly why did we buy it?

The answer to that question doesn’t really matter because I know everyone, including my parents did the very best they could and they loved me deeply.  What I am most excited about is I have discovered ( attracted) an amazing program that has offered me a different perspective. A perspective of “I am perfect – just as I am”. I don’t have to go searching for Mr Mark Darcy to tell me that ( from Brigid Jones Diary).

Our Alchemy Coaching Program offers me a way of looking at my life, a perspective that puts me in the all empowering drivers seat  and reaffirms the powerful creator I am. I am emotional writing this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Alchemy perspective that we are put on this earth to create and co-create and love and support each other. Whist I am an aspiring sovereign woman we are in this together and co creating is such a rewarding way of providing service to others.

Alchemy Coaching Program is a philosophy of transformation that will expand your experiences in all aspects of your life to new and exhilarating heights.

If you would like to learn this for yourself or you are looking to become a certified Alchemy Coach kindly pop your details into www.alchemiseyourlife.com/alchemy and I will be in contact.

Be The Partner You Want to Attract


I speak with lots of women every week and one of the common questions I get asked is around their relationship. Is this the right partner for me or will I attract the ideal partner are two of the most common ones. I get it – I once wanted to know that to.

Of course, I understand we all want to share part or all of our lives with someone special.  We want to know this person is going to be good, kind faithful and ideally we want to know they wont hurt us or disappoint us. There are no such guarantees – feeling pleasure and pain are part of this human experience. We have to know what it is important for us and then create the relationship we desire.

What we can do is, Be the partner we want to attract/have in our lives. Its all about alignment.

What I tell my clients is to sit down with pen and paper and write all the things they don’t want in a relationship, this helps us to work out what we do want. To know the deal breakers and then the deal clenches.

Once you have your list of wants – then set about being those things. Work towards becoming the person want to partner with. Like attracts like.

If you want a kind and generous partner for example – be a kind and generous person.

Side note here – you must be authentic in this – if it doesn’t come easily for you to be kind or generous then start small – like anything new – baby steps – try smiling or complementing someone on a daily basis and then increase to paying for the person behind you coffee or dropping flowers off to a random house.  You get the idea.

Its a great idea to keep a journal – count every step as a win and in a short while things will have shifted.

Give  it a go – become the partner you want to attract.

As always I value your comments letting me know your wins, thoughts or questions.

Abundant Blessings