Having A Positive Effect.


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The recent events in Sydney Australia have me reflecting on the reality of this situation and how quickly our lives can be effected by the actions of another and how important it is that we choose to be a positive influence with our families our friends and what we place on social media..

It was only a few months ago that I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate at the effected cafe and I have visited on many occasions with my daughter, my mum and my boys.

My thoughts go out immediately to all those whose lives have been directly affected by this tragic event. My next thoughts are to my own family and friends and in particular my 3 beautiful and precious children, my level of appreciation for them in my life has reached a new height.

At times like these we can as individuals make a difference. We can firstly express our love and gratitude for our own friends and families and then we can choose to be a stand for positivity.  Some of the ways we can  do this is by sending love through prayer and meditation,  by lighting a candle, by being gentle with ourselves and those we love and stop watching the footage over and over again. The more we focus on what has happened the more we feed that negative energy and what we focus on increases so now more than ever love is the energy we must focus on. Don’t stand for any negative conversations, choose uplifting, compassionate and loving conversations remembering we are all  human beings.

If you are emotional – that’s understandable however we don’t want to stay in that place so reach out to a friend or professional and surround yourself with uplifting movies, social media, books, and audios.

There is great opportunity for us now to stand strong in the energy of love, to be tolerant, compassionate and hold the strong vision of peace on earth.

You can shine the light for others to follow.

Love and longing leads to appreciation

Kym M Kennedy:

The most divine words a mother could receive.

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“I believe in love at first sight because I have loved my mum since the moment I first opened my eyes”

2 months into my new chapter of life and I cannot deny its pretty great. With the festive season well and truly upon us, life has been one party or event after another. I have just finished 5 nights out in a row and today is saturday!

The amazing job I have is working at two of the most iconic exhibition centres in London. With this the perks are amazing, this week an absolute high light was having the privilege to attend the first ever BBC Music awards. To see Coldplay, One Direction (yes I screamed like a 14 year old), Ella Goulding, Will I am and Ed Sheerhan just to name a few was amazing.

The whole night I just kept thinking to myself, one year ago you…

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Whilst doing my morning PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM half hour, I was reading through a section in Action Book 3 about  Creating New Habits and through my journaling I reflected on how far I have come. It hit me ,the massive changes that I have made since working with OUR ONLINE PROGRAM. The reflection that came up was that I used to be a bit of a door mat – allowing everyone else’s lives to be way more important than mine. Being a mother for 27 years, business owner, carer for my late mum, , etc etc my own wellbeing , projects , career , enjoyment came after everyone else’s. This was an eye opening reflection and had me feeling incredible grateful ( again) for our truly Life Changing Program. 

Its good to stop and see how far you have come – have you done that lately?