Recently a colleague asked if I would answer some questions for a  her new website about woman over 50 in business. The questions provoked me into thinking about the woman and men I come into contact with who desire to have their own business and aren’t clear on the steps to take to making that a sustainable way to live their lives. Some have already established a business but its not flying in the way they would like it to. I thought I would address a few of the areas to focus on that may assist you. I have also posted the questions asked by my colleague and my answers as they may assist you to ask yourself to gain more clarity.

Step 1: What is your message – what do you want to share with others and why. Tip here – you will find this answer in your heart. It is vital you know why you are doing what you are doing and why you want to create what you want to create. Its your why that will pull you through the tough days, we all have them.

Step 2 : Who are you speaking to – find your tribe – if I walked into a pub and started talking about mind control and feeling your feelings I would be in a very dangerous environment, however when I speak with my colleagues they get me. Find your tribe – be authentic – you are exactly who you are meant to be – find your tribe.

Step 3 : Create a Vision board – with pictures of your goals and put somewhere you see it when you wake and before you go to sleep. We co – create with pictures so this constant subtle reminder helps keep you moving towards what you want.

Step 4: Get support – man is not an island – either reach out and learn the skills to market, promote, socialise ( social media) or find someone to do this for you so you can focus on the part you love.

Here are the questions and my responses: I trust this assists you to move forward towards what you want to co- create in your life.Please note these questions are aimed at online business, though they are relevant to all business’s.

1/ what were you doing prior to getting started in your online business

1. Self employed – Life Coach and work shop facilitator

2/ Have you had a business of your own before

Yes I have been self employed for 30 years. Originally in Food industry, then building industry and then Personal Development.

3/Why did you want to start your own business

3. Having had the flexibility of self employment, working for someone else was not and option for me.

4/ Did you have a list of things that you wanted in a business .

4.Yes my list included, portability, flexibility and meaningful – my passion is helping others.

5/What process did you follow to find your business

5. I looked for the perfect online business to supplement my coaching practise for many years, got burned by empty promises until my life took a dramatic turn and  I commanded the universe show the vehicle, to change my life. that’s when the network marketing opportunity found me.

6/ How did you make the decision that this was the business for you

6. I listen to my intuition and just knew that this was right. The support, the training, the products.

7/ Now having made the decision were you scared and what scared you the most

7. Initially I was excited, then I tapped into the system and the training calls and settled in for the journey.

8/ Did you have naysayer if so who were they are, what did they say

8. Yes many naysayers – still do – from family – mostly due to lack of knowledge, most of my family is now fully supportive and the ones that aren’t we agree to disagree. My belief and passion for what I do allows me to be respectful of their View point but not allow it to sway me.

9/ Did you think you were to old to start an online business

9.  Not at all – this is the age of technology and I embrace it as a wonderful opportunity for anyone of any age.

10/ What type of new skills did you have to learn in your business

10. That I don’t have to work 60 hours a week like in my more traditional business’s, I  continue to learn marketing and to strengthen my beliefs through working on myself.

Thank you

Chrissy Greig    Business Entrepreneur.


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The theme I am hearing on our Training calls and on the other Personal Development I am reading or listening to is BE PRESENT – AS THAT IS WHERE THE GIFTS ARE.

It is so easy to be carried away from the present moment when we have a clear vision of our future and are constantly taking action towards those goals. However if we can also stay present in each and every moment ( that in itself is a goal) then we see and enjoy the gifts that are present.

Shane Krider has recently spoken about when talking with a clients– to be present and connected to really hear what they are sharing with us, we all know how awful it feels if the person we are speaking with is not present, not paying attention to what we are saying , its easy to feel invalidated, better to be present than need to get the words “right”.

Also acknowledging where we are – as I implement that concept into my life right now, I can acknowledge that I have not yet achieved my next goal of where I choose to live, however by stopping and acknowledging the gifts of where I am I can enjoy the rural view with cows, horses and butterflies out of my office window, I can acknowledge and value some deeper level of healing for my family and I can trust that everything is as it is meant to be and before long I will be in my new environment enjoying all the gifts that has to offer. If I was not present to my now, I would be missing all the gifts and healing.

How present are you?




It is well known that behind every successful person or company there is an amazing team of  fabulous people who work lovingly, and diligently to see that everything’s runs smoothly.

Today I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the team behind our fabulous company..

The speed and efficiency that these unsung hero’s work is outstanding. Having owned and operated several traditional business over my working career it blows me away that all I have to do is send a support ticket and generally within 24 hours ( often quicker) the issue is solved and dealt with so professionally. Whether it be, events planning, IT, new team membership, or order processing, its all dealt with so effortlessly on my part.

There is an amazing level of support,unlike any other company I know of. The support team and company owners of our Network Marketing Business do all they can to give anyone who is willing to go after their dreams, a level playing field for success.

I am deeply grateful for all the wonderful people who support me to succeed , THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.