Albert Einstein — ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

Our Imagination is is a precious tool that has somehow coped a negative wrap. I have often heard people remark about their perceived inability to visualise. As meditation and visualising is no 2 on my 6 daily activities of success this is dear to my heart.

Visualising is using  your imagination. Its simply allowing ourselves to meander down the garden path of our future life and enjoying ( feeling) how wonderful our life can/will be when we take the consistent action to ground( materialise) the pictures we have created. We must first see it, have the vision before we can :have it” making the picture is the when it is created, that is the first step in manifestation, its why vision boards are such a great tool, they remind us of what we have created, imagined and what we are acting on to materialise.

Tip on vision boards – you are imagining what it feels like to have achieved the goal you set for self.

As children we could have been chastised for “ day dreaming” and told we were wasting time .As conscious creators we know having a vision for our future is essential. I echo the words by Dr Wayne Dyer “ Put a Do Not Disturb Sign on Your Imagination”, don’t allow anyone to  influence this wondrous ability and have fun creating your future.

Like anything – the more you allow yourself to imagine – the more there is to imagine.

Do you allow your imagination to run wild?


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.



Buying into my own excuses has been a focus for me over the past couple of weeks. I have been listening to Brian Tracy’s No Excuses – thanks to a colleague for the recommendation, also our last Alchemy call Shane Krider spoke directly to this ( felt like directly to me) and I started to list down all my excuses – like other people getting in my way, or not enough money, or blaming the adversity blah blah blah. One of those tough and honest conversations I have with myself to provide insight and clarity.  I ended with thinking about where hadn’t I bought my excuses, I looked for a win to finish my journaling session, to ensure I raise my spirits again, so here it is.

I have been carrying a rotator cuff inquiry in my right shoulder which is slow to heal, at first I was trying to ignore it until the pain was becoming louder, I continued to do my yoga as I didn’t want to drop the ball on my exercise and I love my yoga however it was obvious I needed to put that on hold for now, I could have bought into the excuse that I cant do my exercise due to the inquiry but I didn’t  I just needed to course correct and find a new way to exercise. I love to walk in the bush so I committed to upping my bush walking. I am loving the extra time I am allocating to being in nature and literally recharging and as I have just finished re reading The Celestine Prophecy I am getting to integrate the learning about raising my vibration. I have committed to do more challenging walks. Last weekend I completed a medium to steep 4 km walk and felt so exhilarated from the experience. Next goal is to complete the 6km walk. I see by staying true to my goals and not buying my excuse I discovered a new joy which could have been missed if I had bought my own excuse.

What excuses have stopped buying into.

Eat, Pray, Love again -



I honestly can’t tell you how many times I have watched this movie – it has been my “ go to” since my world feel apart in 2010. There are days when everything just seems “ too much” and yesterday was one of those days – it started with a challenging conversation with my daughter over Skype – I had a similar conversation the day before with my eldest son and then the day ended with another challenging conversation from my youngest son – don’t get me wrong I am all for my kids speaking their truth – I encourage them to do so – when all 3 seemed to have a similar theme I knew it was time to unplug – and look within. As part of that I decided to watch Eat Pray Love again and this time with new eyes and ears – as if I was watching for the first time ( a challenge when I could almost recite every line). I decided to write down the sections that brought up emotion for me – here’s what stood out –

* I need to create a new box – with items of what I want for my future

* Finalise my divorce

* buy something just for me

* stop trying to make a relationship work

* be grateful for love

* FORGIVE MYSELF – this is a biggy – still tears as I write this

* God dwells inside of me as me

* If I am willing to face and forgive myself the truth will not be with held.

So with the assistance of E,P,L, I begin again today with renewed purpose and acceptance and a list of things to attend to.

Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert.