Wishes Do Come True.


I am so excited about all the  new products we are rolling out in our Global company, we are now offering more ways we can help others to grow their life and their business through a 17 day Personal Prosperity Program, Business breakthrough program and our 21 day online Branding Program.

I have always been super impressed by the value this company provides, The new M7 program is overflowing with life changing information. I am going through the content and am at session 4 of the Wealth Creation Conference 2015 content and have already implemented a wealth creation strategy, the content is blowing my mind – which translates to its shifting my perception. Back in 2010 I placed some words on my vision board “ sustainable abundance” the wealth creation  content is delivering my wish – it is giving me the knowledge to know what to do with my money so I can sustain my abundance, this is massive to me as I have had the experience of working long and hard for over 2 decades to loose it all, sustainability has become a high priority for me. I don’t know if my gratitude and love for this company and its products could deepen but I fall in love with this company and community over and over again.

We all have our own journey’s to experience, however its great to learn from others mistakes, sustainability comes from education.




We have all probably heard many times over to set an intention of what we want to gain from any event we attend. We do this because if we don’t know what we want, how will we know when we get it.

Before heading off to our Business Presentation and Training Event in Sydney last weekend I got clear about what I wanted to achieve. Of course I always love connecting with the people I have come to love and respect and I get clear about who I particularly want to connect with. I also set an expanding knowledge or understanding intention so that I can be focused as much as possible to all the wonderful information flowing to me as a participant. I always know I will receive my answer, the exciting part is not knowing how and when it will come  but you know when it arrives because you feel it in your body and I often feel an energy shift, I love that feeling. For me this time the piece that I was open to came when the beautiful Alison was sharing the 4 stages of business.

I have heard these stages many time however this time it landed in a different way – here are the 4 stages:

1) This is not worth it – its too hard stage – all work with little or no reward.

2) Its worth it – you start to see your leaders coming through – lead abundance

3) I’m not worth this much – can it really be this simple

4) Appreciating your value – focus on your team and what you can give.

Realising this is a cycling thing created new awareness for me – we cycle through these stages, I guess that’s what makes it interesting.

Do you set intentions before events?




I have just graduated from a 17 day Personal Prosperity Challenge, what a difference 17 days can make.

We all know the power is in the implementation, during the challenge there are  8 daily tasks  to undertake, they are simple tasks, not necessarily easy but simple, I believe these daily tasks are where the power of this program is. Of course the webinars and audio are outstanding and over deliver on content, I have come to expect that from the company I partner with, however the 8 daily tasks are what have shifted so much for me. I have already blogged on the giving everyone a free pass tasks, what an awesome gift to ourselves .All the tasks are shifting my perception.

There is a  daily gratitude call and this call  has triggered images  showing up in my dreams, showing me people that I was still resisting in my mind – powerful stuff – I have been able to release those people who I wasn’t aware I was holding any negative feelings towards, old wounds/hurts/disappointments/persevered injustices that I hadn’t released –   this is truly magic and so freeing.

I could go on, all the 8 daily tasks are so powerful and I will continue to do them because they are changing my world. I have enormous gratitude for this program. .

The point of this blog is to highlight the power in the daily tasks, they are gifting me many many wins.

Simple tasks done regularly can shift your outcomes.

What do you do on a daily basis to uplift your life and the life of others.

If you would like to learn more about our Prosperity Challenge, comment with your contact details and I will connect with you personally.