Forgiveness is a Gift for Yourself.


It is true that life is a journey and it doesn’t matter how much work we may have done on ourselves, the letting go rituals, the journaling, the venting, the healing, the catharting  there will pop up from time to time the opportunity to forgive – that guarded piece of hurt that we have held on to for goodness knows why.

Recently I experienced one of those wonderful opportunities – the universe let me know, in its lovely way that there were in fact 2 woman from my past that it was time to let go and move on. Of course I didn’t consciously know I had not forgiven them however the deeper part of me did and the holding on to the wound was in some small way holding me back from the freedom I truly desire.

I was sitting with my one of my sons when “randomly” , what seemed out of the blue one of the woman appeared – she didn’t notice me – however it brought to the surface the incident I was holding on to, almost simultaneously I had the thought ( inspiration) what was I upset bought and that it was time to let this go – my mind them led me another woman with the same name as the first and a larger more recently wound rose to the surface. I knew then that this was a gift for me – the gift of forgiveness.

I did my forgiveness ritual and it felt so right to not be carrying this around anymore.

I have a lovely forgiveness exercise that I have included here for you – just in case you have some letting go to do. Do You?

Forgiveness Ceremony – to be performed in nature if possible-

You will need – paper and pen –

Sit quietly and bring your awareness to your breath – centre yourself and ask yourself “what is my deepest truth about ……………… (The person or people you are to forgive), keep asking that question until information comes; I usually know I am in the deepest truth when I begin to feel emotion, trust yourself to know this point.

Taking your pen and paper – write – Dear ………… (the person you are wanting to forgive) and write no editing – write until you cannot write anymore, write until forgiveness comes. If you don’t feel like you can forgive the person, there is more to get off your chest. For some, this may take more than one session. Once you have reached forgiveness write a second letter this time writing – Dear …… I forgive you………………., simple allow whatever needs to come, come.

After you have completed this process – it’s now time to forgive yourself – take another piece of paper and write a letter to yourself – Dear Me – I forgive you ……………

When this is complete close your eyes and notice how your body is feeling.

Give yourself an inner hug to acknowledge what you have bravely achieved and give thanks for your beautiful surroundings and you may like to set an intention for yourself. An example of an intention might be ‘even though …… doesn’t understand the way I choose to live my life, I appreciate them in my life and I love them as they are”.

I usually like to play a beautiful piece of music at this point to close my ceremony and then sit and observe for a little while.


We are What We Believe We Are -

Raise your joy = Raising your results.


If you aren’t achieving the results ( your goals) you want – then raise your vibration.

How we fuel our mind has a significant effect on who we are being and therefore what we create in life.

So often things outside of ourselves are blamed for why we are not achieving our desired results. We blame our parents, our job, our boss, our lack of funds, our genes and so on. We are either looking to fit in in life which is living at the effect or we are looking to make a difference which is being at cause.

Every time I an not achieving a particular goal I can trace my thoughts back to blaming something – if we continue to identify with past selves and our past circumstances we are not creating our future, we are cycling or recycling around the same old same old and will create the same old same old.

You are not your circumstances!

We truly can rise above our circumstances – what it takes to lift our spirits – I don’t mean – suck it up and get on – I mean literally lift our energy – fuelling our mind with positivity is a pathway to success.

Like exercise it takes time to build new muscle so consistency is key –

Personal Development allows you to know you and to help you to see beyond your current or past circumstances. Working on our self is a commitment every successful person does – I use think working on me was a luxury – now I know it is a necessity.

There are plenty of great Personal Development Masters out there – choose who you resonate with – if a home study course is your thing I can point you in that direction.

Here are my tips on how to raise up to live the life you desire:

Dance/Sing – moving your body – including your vocal chord’s increases your vibrancy – I have a “ Happy songs” playlist on my iPod. Walking on sunshine is my training call preparation song – I dance and sing to before I jump on to do a Personal Development Training call – I want my vibration to be high so I can lift others with my words.

Run/walk/jog – and listen to an inspirational audio as you do it.

Journal – get it out, get it all out. If you do this on paper regularly you will find yourself complaining less and as we know complaining is also telling the universe what you want more of.

Be Grateful – just saying I am grateful for …… over and over will lift your vibration. Make it a habit to write 10 things you are grateful for before you get out of bed.

Turn off the rubbish and Watch an inspiring movie or You Tube clip instead – there are heaps- just type in Inspiration to the search bar – Jim Carey’s latest speech is fabulous but there are heaps.

Read inspiring stories of people who have created success in the area you are passionate about.

Have some fun – laugh, play, be silly – lighten up – watch a funny movie – reminisce with family or a friend over a favourite funny event.

Become a life long learner – there is so much great information you can fuel your mind with – its a practise that can become a wonderful habit.

What do you do to lift your spirits?

Being Out in Nature offers great Insights.

One of my favourite leisure time activities is to bush walk. The Australian bush has been a great companion of mine since I was a little girl, I always felt “ at home” in the bush.

Last Sunday we took off to get some nature – we had had a week of rain so it was nice to smell the damp bush and be out in it. We visited one of our regular spots, a beautiful waterfall.

We had not set out with the intention to do a long nor challenging walk due to the weather however once we were out there and enjoying ourselves we decided to push on – on the particular walk we were on there were different options, short and easy, and up scaled to a few kilometres with steep steps. I was feeling good and enjoying the opportunity to move my body so we decided to keep going, we soon went beyond where all others were stopping on that day – due to the wetness under foot I imagine – as we were climbing down a steep set of very wet rock steps I asked myself  and my partner were we being crazy – taking too great a risk – encouraged by my partners response that we would be mindful we continued on and I am so glad we did. We ended up right down beside a lovely waterfall and what can only be best described as a faery glen. I am a lover of all things enchanting so I was so delighted.

2014-08-24 14.55.35

On our walk back I got to thinking of the similarity of our walk and  achieving our goals–  to achieve goals we have to set off in the direction of the goal, to be open and tuned in ( be present), to not be stopped by fear, to continue to put in the effort, take the next step and the rewards will be delightful.

Do you enjoy the messages from Nature?