Favourite Cuppa with Mum – Orange Pekoe


With mothers day approaching I have been pondering my favourite cup of tea moment with my mum. My mum was a big tea lover – never would an event occur in our lives that a good brew didn’t emerge. My mum was a traditional English breakfast, prince of wales or her special favourite Orange Pekoe. She only ever drank from fine bone china cups, usually Royal albert, to mum a cup of tea was a sense of occasion.

My favourite memory was many years back when I first became a mother and I lived in the city and ran a busy restaurant and my mum and step dad would come and collect my brand new baby girl and I and take us to the country, were they lived and pamper us for a few days at a time. I remember it was late Autumn in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, the days were lovely but the early mornings were very fresh. I would wake to feed Elly ( my daughter) in the early hours of the morning and I would come out to sit by the fire, which my step dad had stoked up and my mum would be waiting with a cup of tea, not many words were exchanged, though the love and nurturance were clearly communicated in that beautiful warm cup of tea.

Do you have a favourite cup of Tea moment with your mum?

I don’t deserve it -


So many people want success yet despite their efforts it seems to elude them. Why is this?

Limiting beliefs – many many people carry the underlying belief that they are not worthy.Where does this come from? The years of listening to a model of the world that says hard work is only rewarded with small incomes. to want more than that is greedy.

We are living in a new millennium, a time that small thinking is out dated and minimising what is possible for each and everyone of us. We must let go of the thoughts around punishment if we don’t do something perfectly, and that we are here on earth to live a mediocre life. This is past and out-dated thinking. Now is the time to listen to your heart and go after your dreams.

We live in a time in consciousness that we are guided to do what we love, follow our bliss and believe that what we desire also desires us. Its time to tap back into your dreams, to follow your heart and live abundantly. It will take work and it will take effort and you will meet with adversity, it is the law of how it works, you have to believe in your dreams as they are the messages from your higher self guiding you to living your purpose. Your part is to find the courage to step out and live your dreams. We must silence that inner voice that says “ don’t be silly – you cant be,do or have that” and instead listen the tiny voice that says “ YES you can”.

Are you ready?

The Best Is Yet To Come. -

Its new years eve here in Australia and I am well into my yearly ritual of review and renew.

I start my process a few days before new years eve where I reflect on the year past,

I journal and share verbally with a friend about the challenges, the highlights and                                                                                          images[6] (2)

what people and events or even moments touched me through out the year.

As I go through this reflection I take note of the people or situations that still

have some emotional charge, this tells me I am still holding some emotion around it.

A a way of freeing myself from holding on to any emotion, I participate in a practice

that I have found to be very powerful and freeing.

The letter of Forgiveness.

Write a letter to the person or about a particular event, write freely and unedited ( no one is going to read this) , write until you feel completely emptied out and there is no more charge left. Usually what I find is forgiveness naturally surfaces for the person. If you are unable to forgive, there may be more to write. N.B this is not in any way saying “ what you did was ok” , it is saying “ I no longer choose to have this effect me”. Once you are able to write “ I forgive you……” you know you have let go.

Once all my letters are written, I then write a letter of forgiveness for myself, forgiving myself for the unkind words or thoughts, behaviours, decisions I wasn’t happy about, whatever is relevant, write it all down.

This evening as I take time out to enjoy my surroundings, ( before midnight) I burn the letters and release all that old emotion with it. This leaves me free to allow the new in to my life.

New Years Day is when I commit my 2014 goals to paper and I declare them by sharing them with  a friend.

Since beginning this process about 5 years ago, I notice that each year I am achieving more of what I truly desire and I am ticking more and more items off my bucket list.

How do you honour the end of your year and welcome the new?