A return Home



For those of you who have been following my blog will remember that just on a year ago I packed up all my belongings, put them into storage and set off on an adventure of discovery.

So what did I discover, you may ask?

I discovered that I could live with very few possessions, I can adapt to new environments, that Australia is indeed a magnificent country,I discovered new friends, new love, that my wounds can heal and that adversity is a gateway to knowing my strengths and what matters most to me.

I have travelled almost the entire east coast of Australia only to discover that the area I left behind is in fact the place I love and the place I want to be.

I can honestly say that I have learned more about myself , I have freed myself from limiting beliefs and that my past experiences do not define my future. My self confidence has grown and that the universe is always conspiring to support my deepest desires.

I have confronted my fears, embraced change and become crystal clear about the vision for my future.

I am and continue to be a passionate student of personal development and through working with my personal empowerment program daily and being willing to get out of my comfort zone I am  creating a new freedom in all areas of my life.

I am deeply grateful for the past year and those who I have connected with and disconnected from as I take the next step to return home and to be discovering it in a brand new way.

I see so many people simply surviving or striving for comfort, for me the magic is in striving for freedom.

What are you striving for?

Rising To Greater Heights -



I recall hearing on a training call that one of leaders in our company had  used the principles in our On- line Personal Empowerment Program to first sort out her finances and once that was sorted she then applied these same principles to other areas of her life.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to concentrate on certain areas of my life in finer detail. I decided to look at money as my first area. I began applying each principle of BFE to the area of money and finance. I looked what I knew to be true about my beliefs around money, I wrote a north star and added compass headings , I looked at where I needed to leave the heard  and my decision making process and the actions I was and wasn’t taking.

When I put a particular area of my life under the spot life it is as if all the sediment ( everything that is not wanted) floats to the surface, I use to see this as red lights, I now see this as conformation I am shifting the energy. Doing this process some murky stuff  came up from my past which has allowed me to make some powerful decisions and release some feelings of responsibility from my past that where weighing me down, they were a burden I didn’t realise I was carrying.

The freedom of this beautiful release made me feel like I was in a hot air balloon that had just throw some weight over board and I was lifted to even greater heights.

I am again in deep gratitude for our amazing community and program that allows me to continue to be more fully myself.

What are you allowing to weigh you down?



You Got to Ask–LOA

abundance 2


I am  a passionate advocate of the Laws of Attraction – it is the focus of my coaching and mentoring approach.

I have been working with these laws for many many years and it is a subject that fascinates me and I love to deepen my understanding of the co-creation process.

Living an empowered, on purpose life is about utilising all that we are surrounded with and that includes the universal energies.

The first step in creating anything is a vision – knowing what you want. You  have got to get clear about what you want  and then ask the question How can I ……..   create great health, wealth, a better job, one that I love, a fabulous holiday, that promotion, the love of my life……

So often people ask why! – why don’t I have……….. The why question is disempowering – meaning you disconnect from the creation process when you ask why – you are being at the effect of life and not at the cause. The empowering question is How can I………

Then stay open to seeing , hearing, feeling the responses – you open yourself to the vibrations of that which you desire, you put yourself in an expanded place, one that is open to receiving the direction, the clue, the suggestion of the next step to take.

I have experienced this over and over again in my life and I apply it to all areas with exciting results.

Don’t just take my word for it – test it out for yourself.

What are you co-creating in your life right now.